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Jeffersonville Better Living Center has partnered with The NewStart Lifestyle Club and is providing free health seminars to the community.

This Abundant living program is for people who are interested in:

  • High Blood Pressure (The silent killer)
  • Water (The No Calorie Wonder)
  • Cancer (How to Prevent it)
  • Sunshine (Heaven's gift of Sunshine)
  • Breakfast (Jump Start your day with Breakfast)
  • Heart Disease (Conquering the #1 Killer)
  • Air (The breath of Life)
  • Digestion (What follows the Swallows)
  • Depression (That Hopeless Feeling)
  • Immune System (The army Within)
  • Rest (Tired of being Tired)
  • Diabetes (Disarming Diabetes)
  • Phytochemicals (Foods that Fight Disease)
  • Colds (How to deal with a cold)
  • Weight Control (10 steps to a healthy Weight)
  • Excercise for Life
  • Hydrotherapy (Water Treatments for Home)
  • Soft Drinks (Hard Facts about Soft Drinks)
  • Osteoporosis (Protecting your Bones)
  • Alcohol (The #1 Public Enemy)
  • Protein (How much is Enough)
  • Charcoal (Natures Amazing Remedy)
  • The Adventist Advantage (Health by Choice-Not by Chance)
  • Caffeine (A Legal Drug that Hurts)
  • Arthritis (When a joint says Ouch)
  • Trust (Finding the Power to Change)

Free Seminars begin Wednesday, July 27th at 7pm and continue every Wednesday through September 14th. 7 to 8 pm. Everyone is invited!

For more information on The NewStart Lifestyle Club or The Abundant Living Seminars, Check out the links below.

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